here we describe our product “CORVINUS“ – the innovative vision contrast chart. It can be ideally used with LUVIS mini by performing the following steps:

  • put four magnetic strips on the backside of the chart
  • place the CORVINUS in the LUVIS mini
  • turn on your LUVIS mini and test contrast sensitivity faultlessly

In the matter of design the inventing team has stuck to the indications of DIN EN ISO 8596 – it describes under which conditions vision and contrast test should be performed.

In contrast to conventional contrast charts CORVINUS brings some decisive improvements:

• Landolt rings lower the guess probability

special lamination prevent reflection at the surface as well as permanent soiling

the print is carried out in full shades whereby higher edge sharpness of the optotypes is achieved


Conventional contrast charts mostly have letters or numbers as optotypes which the proband can keep in mind a lot easier. Furthermore they are not laminated. As a consequence with not standardized illumination there will be reflection on the optotype whereby it can be recognized easier. Furthermore it is not easy to clean conventional vision contrast charts because there is a risk to damage the print. Previous vision contrast charts are moreover produced with the silkscreen technique for which reason there arises slight unsharpness of the round edges. A low contrast value has to be printed with many points closely next to each other. However the optotypes of CORVINUS are fully printed and the edges are enormously sharp.

Technische Details der CORVINUS

width:21,0 cm
height:29,7 cm
depth:0,03 cm
weight:appr. 0,2 kg
printing:in full colors (one for each contrast step)
protection:with high quality lamination (washable!)
contrast steps (in %):50, 45, 40, 35, 32, 30,…, 12, 10, 9, …, 4, 3, 2.




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