"LUVIS" is the first worldwide lightbox for standardized and homogeneous illumination of the Pelli Robson contrast charts which are internationally used in numerous clinical studies. LUVIS was developed at the STZ eyetrial, at the department of ophthalmology at the university medical center in Tübingen. It fulfills the DIN ES ISO 8596, and therefore can be ideally used for studies and vision tests according to the driving licence regulation (FeV).

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LUVIS mini

With "LUVIS mini" there is a lightbox for vision tests in small formats like the widespread MARS contrast chart. Compared to the big "LUVIS", the surface is illuminated by two LED modules. LUVIS mini is the perfect companion of industrial medics, optometrists and ophthalmologists who also perform mobile vision tests.

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Due to "CORVINUS" contrast charts, vision contrast tests will get safer: Landolt rings reduce the guess probability, special lamination prevent reflection at the surface as well as permanent soiling. The print is carried out in full shades whereby higher edge sharpness of the optotypes is achieved.

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