From theory to business

At this point we shortly want to indroduce ourselves. On the one hand the project group “LUVIS“ consists of the scientific team of STZ eyetrial from the university medical center Tübingen. On the other hand the entrepreneurs of the company VISUS from Herrenberg / Stuttgart are part of us.

The team from the university medical center has originally initiated the project after it encountered the absent standards of the worldwide contrast sensitivity test. The team of ophthalmologists, neurologist engineers and management-assistances are the scientific side of the project.

VISUS is especially organizing the sales and marketing of the LUVIS products. The family company, whose logistics department is located in Herrenberg, has already supported the project in the initial sales of the first big LUVIS devices and has guided the finishing touch of LUVIS mini design to make it more sellable.

Together both teams complement themselves to a unit so that all key areas are covered...

The members of the project introduce themselves